Our History

Thomara Guard Force Pvt Ltd was incorporated on the 8th of October, 2004 under the leadership of the Founder Chairman/Managing Director Lt. Col. (Retd.) A. T. Banagoda RSP USP and  Lt. Commander (Retd.) H. Banagoda.

About Us

Thomara Guard Force Pvt. Ltd is a  limited liability company that specializes in providing security services across diverse platforms and several industries to meet omnidirectional needs.  

Our team of professionally qualified consultants and advisors are the backbone of our organization and contribute to ethos of providing the best possible security solutions to meet your needs. Human capital is at the heart of our work and our staff are recruited and groomed to recognize team work, dedication and the loyalty towards  our core purpose and meet the required expectation of their deployment.

Company Values

Values – all our employees confirm to the following values-

  • Dedication
  • Effectiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Vigilance
  • Aspiration towards excellence

Customer Services

Customer Services

Our 24hr central operating station will ensure immediate responses to any and all customer needs and will provide customized security support across ever evolving standards and use of technology.

Vision & Mission

Our Members

Chairman | Managing Director
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